Samsung Galaxy S20 update lets users disable in-display fingerprint ripple animation

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung’s latest update to the Galaxy S20, S20+ and s20 Ultra allows users to disable the ripple animation that appears when the device is unlocked with its in-display fingerprint sensor.

Some users on Reddit state that disabling the animation makes the scanner work more quickly, but it seems to just be a new cosmetic option. Among issues like slow autofocusing, the S20 series has been criticized for featuring an ultra-sonic in-display fingerprint sensor that is slower than competing smartphones’ scanners.

The update, ‘G98xxXXU2ATE6,’ also features Samsung’s May 2020 security patch. To check if the update is available, select ‘Settings,’ then ‘Software Update’ and finally, ‘Download and Install.’

Source: XDA Developers