Microsoft Family Safety app preview available for iOS users

Microsoft revealed that iOS users can now use its Family Safety app in preview, according to MacRumors.

The app is designed with parents limiting their children’s usage habits in mind. The Microsoft Family Safety features include device usage tracking, logging of content viewed, and location sharing.

“Find the balance that is right for your family. Give your kids independence to learn and explore, while setting boundaries that help them make good choices,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

“Kids can see the same activity reports their parents see so everyone can be part of the conversation.”

The Microsoft Family Safety app preview is open to a limited number of iOS users. Microsoft says it would be ideal if those users also use Microsoft devices.

iOS users who are looking to participate need to set up a family group on Microsoft’s Family website. Afterwards, sign up for the preview through a form on Microsoft’s website.

Image credit: Microsoft

Source: Microsoft Via: MacRumors