Fashion designers are showing off their latest styles in ‘Animal Crossing’

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a game that has been taken the world by storm in these trying times.

The game has gotten the attention from multiple industries outside of gaming, including the fashion world, according to Kotaku.

Real-world fashion labels like Marc JacobsSandy Liang and Valentino are showcasing their latest styles through customizable clothing within the game.

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The new trend has led Jacobs to collaborate with the Animal Crossing Fashion Archive. Liang even introduced an exclusive in-game pop-up store concept that players waiting two hours to get some new digital threads.

The in-game designs are free for anyone who wants to represent their favourite brand. It could also be a sign that digital clothing is on the rise and gives a new way for people to express their fashion sense online.

Image credit: Sandy Liang

Source: Kotaku