Bell offering limited time $75/20GB unlimited data promotion plan

The national carrier is matching Telus' recent promotion

Montreal-based national carrier Bell has brought back its limited time $75/20GB unlimited data plan to match Telus’ recent promotion. 

The promotion is a bring your own device (BYOD) plan, and usually costs $95 per month.

“Beyond 20GB of data, speeds are up to 512Kbps, suitable for light web browsing, email and messaging. No data overage charges apply,” the promotion reads.

The plan includes unlimited Canada-wide calling and text messages, and is available online and in-store.

Vancouver-based national carrier Telus recently brought back it$75/20GB and $85/20GB plans for a limited time as ‘Online Only’ offers on its website.

Both Bell and Telus have not provided details about when the promotion plans are ending. At the time of writing, Rogers has not matched Bell and Telus’ $75/20GB unlimited data plans.

You can learn more about Bell’s plan here.