Telus giving 15,000 data plans to Quebec students to help with distance learning

This latest initiative builds on several others launched by the carrier to help with COVID-19 impacts


Vancouver-based national carrier Telus is offering access to up to 15,000 data plans to facilitate Quebec students’ return to classes.

The initiative comes following an agreement between the carrier and Quebec’s Ministry of Education (Ministère de l’Education). The province has announced plans to re-open certain schools in May.

The carrier says this initiative will support learning by providing vulnerable families with LTE access until the end of June and will help with distance learning.

It aims to ensure “young people are able to acquire knowledge and continue their education in a safe way,” according to François Gratton, the vice-president of Telus Quebec.

This latest initiative builds on Telus’ collaboration with with the Centres Jeunesse du Québec (Quebec Youth Centres) that aims to help hundreds of 18-year-olds by providing them with a free phone and a data plan for two years to allow them to maintain an essential link to support services.

Telus also recently announced that it will give two months of free wireless service to frontline health workers in Ontario and Quebec.

Source: Telus