Samsung’s rumoured ‘Beans’ earbuds to be called Galaxy BudsX

The Galaxy BudsX look set to be the successor to Samsung's excellent Galaxy Buds and Buds+

More details have leaked about Samsung’s upcoming true wireless ‘Beans,’ which could be called the Galaxy BudsX.

While at this point I refuse to believe Samsung will actually launch the bean-shaped true wireless earbuds that previously leaked, new trademark details indicate it might actually happen. According to trademark documentation spotted by SamMobile, Samsung has applied to trademark the name ‘BudsX’ with the European Intellectual Property Office.

Although the trademark doesn’t mention the ‘Galaxy’ brand, considering Samsung uses it for nearly every smartphone and accessory product — included its ‘Buds’ true wireless earbuds line — the BudsX will likely be no different.

Aside from revealing the name of what will likely be the Galaxy Buds+ successor, the trademark filing indicates we’ll see the Galaxy BudsX launch in the coming months. This assumes that Samsung sticks to its usual trademark and product launch practices.

Regardless of whether you buy into the rumoured bean shape of the new earbuds, Samsung seems to be prepping a new product. The Galaxy BudsX will reportedly bear model number ‘SM-R180,’ the same reported in the initial Galaxy Beans leak.

That model number implies the BudsX — beans or otherwise — will be the true successor to the original Galaxy Buds. Those earbuds had model number SM-R170 while the upgraded Buds+ were SM-R175.

Finally, SamMobile notes that a report out of South Korea suggests the Galaxy BudsX will cost less than $150 USD (about $210 CAD) and feature active noise cancellation. Aside from the reported price, those details line up with previous information leaked about the BudsX.

Ultimately, expect to see new earbuds from Samsung in the coming months. As we get closer to the launch, there will likely be more leaks, which will probably confirm whether the Galaxy BudsX will actually look like beans.

Source: SamMobile