Instagram Live now allowing users to fundraise for nonprofits while streaming

The live platform will let Instagram users choose from more than a million nonprofit organizations

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, TikTok recently revealed its adding donation stickers. While Instagram added a similar feature almost a year ago, the social media platform has announced it’s expanding on the concept with the introduction of a new Instagram Live feature.

The Facebook-owned social media site is letting users create Instagram Live fundraising campaigns for causes users care about.

While TikTok lets users donate to a certain number of charitable organizations affected by the pandemic, Instagram Live is letting its users choose from more than one million non-profit organizations to donate to.

While fundraising platforms usually take a percentage from campaigns, Instagram isn’t taking a cut; 100 percent of the money raised will go directly towards the campaign’s nonprofit organization.

Anyone who utilizes the new feature to raise funds, donate or uses the donation sticker in their Instagram stories will unlock an exclusive ‘I donated!’ sticker. This sticker can be used to bring awareness for the cause in your story, which was originally designed by Brazilian community illustrator Leo Natsume.

Instagram Live usage has increased by 70 percent since the pandemic started. Livestreams on the platform have hosted conversations, dance parties, rap battles and much more.

Source: Instagram Via: TechCrunch