Instagram is getting a new camera interface, donation stickers and more

Alongside hiding Likes Instagram is adding some other features to its app

Instagram app on iOS

Beyond hiding ‘Like’ counts in Canada, Instagram is also set to add a few new features to the platform in the coming days.

First up, the service is launching a feature called ‘Donation Stickers’ to stories. These new stickers allow Instagram users in the U.S. to set up a Story donation link to a non-profit organization.

In the upcoming weeks, Instagram also plans to release a new camera interface and a feature called ‘Creative Mode.’ The interface isn’t a significant departure from the previous version, but then when you swipe from the right, you’ll be brought into ‘Creative Mode.’ This feature makes it easier to add stickers and text to you your pictures.

Further, Influencers and stores will soon be able to sell products directly through Instagram. When an influencer adds something to buy users need to tap on the photo and a tab will pop-up that brings them directly to a page to buy their merch or whatever product they’re selling.

These are the main updates that the app is adding over the next few weeks, but the most significant change is set to be the fact that Instagram will soon hide ‘Likes’ on the platform in Canada starting later this week.

Source: Instagram