Samsung Galaxy Z Flip camera update adds new ‘Bottom Preview’ in Flex Mode

The small change could open up new ways to capture photos with the foldable

Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung is pushing out a small update to the Galaxy Z Flip’s camera app that makes more use of the split user interface.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Z Flip’s Camera app, it’s one of a few that can make use of the foldable’s unique locking hinge. Users can fold the device at a 90-degree angle while using apps. Dubbed ‘Flex Mode,’ the feature could be used as a makeshift stand when recording yourself with the phone’s camera.

Further, during the Z Flip reveal event, Samsung ran a video showing how you could use Flex Mode with apps like Google Duo or YouTube to split what’s on the screen.

However, as reported by SlashGear, the new Galaxy Z Flip update will add another way to use Flex Mode in the Camera app. The new UI is essentially a reverse of the current Flex Mode Camera app UI.

Currently, Z Flip users can set the camera preview to show on the upper half of the screen with the controls placed on the lower half in Flex Mode. With the new software, users can flip it so the preview shows on the bottom half of the screen while the controls appear on the top half.

To do this, users can double-tap to enter ‘Bottom Preview Mode.’

While it’s a small change, it should make it easier for users to frame photos when shooting from a low angle. Alternatively, it could be good for taking pictures from above the subject, such as snapping a photo of your food.

The new update will start rolling out on April 17th, but it could take longer depending on your region you’re in and which carrier you’re with.

Source: SlashGear