Firefox Preview redesign seeing wide rollout on Firefox beta app

Mozilla's refreshed Firefox is getting closer to launching on the stable channel

Firefox for Android Beta

The revamped Firefox mobile browser is rolling out to more users via the ‘Firefox for Android Beta’ app now.

Back in February, Mozilla began merging the Firefox Preview code into the Firefox Beta app. Firefox Preview, previously called Fenix, is the company’s wholly rebuilt, faster and much better looking mobile browser refresh.

Now more Firefox mobile users will be able to enjoy the new browser as it rolls out widely on the beta channel. It should also mean the experience will be more stable, although I haven’t had any significant issues with Firefox Preview.

Unfortunately, the change will also mean limited access to browser extensions. For now, the new Firefox browser only supports one add-on: uBlock Origin.

Mozilla is working to bring more extensions and add-ons to the refreshed Firefox on Android, but it may take some time. In February, the company said it planned to start migrating add-ons from its ‘recommended extensions program‘ to the new Firefox.

The program includes roughly 100 extensions such as Privacy Badger, Facebook Container, LastPass and more.

If you currently rely on Firefox extensions when browsing on your phone, you may want to avoid the new browser for a little while.

On the flip side, if you’re itching to test out the new Firefox, head to the Play Store and download the Firefox for Android Beta app. If you’ve already got it on your phone, it may be a few days before version 75.0.0-beta.4 arrives on your device.

Source: Android Police