Google rolls out AR Easter Bunny, other search goodies for Easter

Easter-related Google searches pull up information about traditions, meals and more

Over the last year, Google has rolled out and steadily expanded on its AR animals feature. Now, the search giant is adding a special new animal just in time for Easter: the Easter Bunny.

If you haven’t heard of AR animals yet, it’s a feature built into Google Search. When you look up some animals on Google, there’s an option to ‘View in 3D.’ Tapping that lets users view a 3D model of that animal. However, supported phones include a ‘View in your space’ button that lets you place the animal as an augmented reality object.

The full list of phones that support the feature is quite long (you can view it here) but most modern Android and iOS devices do support AR animals.

Having the Easter Bunny as an AR animal option is an excellent addition, especially for this time of year. Plus, 9to5Google notes that AR animals have surged in popularity recently, in part thanks to all the people staying home amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Many parents have turned to AR animals to educate or entertain young kids.

To access the Easter Bunny, just search ‘Easter Bunny’ in Google on a supported device, scroll down to the ‘View in 3D’ card and tap the button. On Android, you’ll then need to tap the ‘View in your space’ button. On iOS, however, make sure the toggle at the top of the screen is set to ‘AR’ if you want to place it in your space.

However, the Easter Bunny is not the only Google goody. The search giant will feature several Easter-related items in searches about the holiday.

Search ‘Easter’ or something similar on Google and it will bring up a header image with a pink bunny, yellow chicken and baby chick hatching from an Easter egg. Additionally, as you scroll down the page, Google features an interactive exhibit from its ‘Arts & Culture’ website. The exhibit goes through Easter traditions from around the world.

Below that is a ‘Top questions answered’ carousel featuring celebrity chefs talking about Easter meals and dishes.

Finally, the Google homepage will display an actual Easter egg at the bottom of the screen that wishes users ‘Happy Easter’ when they hover over it.

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