Pizza Pizza reveals new tamper-proof pizza box design

This is the forefront of pizza box technology

Rarely do we cover technology so futuristic that we’re barely able to comprehend it ourselves, but today we made the exception for Pizza Pizza’s new tamper-proof pizza box.

This couldn’t come at a more crucial time, as people practice social distancing and don’t want to have their food touched by others. The new boxes include a new cardboard-locking mechanism that can’t be opened without breaking a seal.

The company has also been offering contactless delivery since March 18th. This means that the pizza is placed into the box using a paddle and no hands. The company has also donated over 20,000 pizza slices to frontline medical workers.

If you order a pizza from the chain, there’s no guarantee you’ll get the new box, but the company’s press release says that it’s rolling out to all of its 420 stores across Canada by the end of April.

You can order Pizza Pizza online, or via the company’s iOS or Android apps.

Source: Pizza Pizza