Canadian Red Cross issues warning about text and email scams related to COVID-19

Some Canadians are receiving fraudulent messages offering them medical masks

The Canadian Red Cross has issued a warning about fraud texts and emails that pose as the organization to take advantage of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Some Canadians have received messages with malicious links that claim to be from the Red Cross and offer to give away or sell face masks.

“This is not a valid offer and the Red Cross advises anyone who receives this message to delete it immediately. Do not click on the link or respond,” the organization said in a statement.

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre is advising Canadians to beware of false or misleading information. It is also notifying Canadians to beware of unsolicited medical advisory emails with links or attachments. It notes that fraudsters may spoof the information of government and healthcare organizations.

Further, it notes that Canadians should be wary of online advertisements for miracle cures, herbal remedies and other questionable offers such as vaccinations and other faster tests.

Unfortunately, fraud campaigns related to the coronavirus have been around for quite some time now. Last month, a cybersecurity company said that some criminal groups are taking advantage of coronavirus fears by attempting to spread malware.

Further, the United Nations issued a warning about criminal groups posing as the World Health Organization (WHO) in malicious emails that ask for sensitive information.

Image credit: Unsplash 

Source: Canadian Red Cross