Sony will reveal more PlayStation 5 details during March 18th livestream

It looks like we'll finally soon know what Sony's next-generation video game console will look like.

PlayStation 5

The time has finally almost arrived.

Through Twitter, Sony has announced it’s hosting a livestream tomorrow at 12pm ET/9AM PT focused on revealing more information about the PlayStation 5. Mark Cerny, the PS5’s lead architect and the director of both Knack and Knack 2 for the PlayStation 4, will host the event. Sony says the livestream will offer “a deep dive into PS5’s system architecture, and how it will shape the future of games.”

Sony was expected to initially hold a more traditional in-person keynote in early March, though the event was likely cancelled following the COVID-19 outbreak. Sony first revealed the PlayStation 5 during an interview with Wired back in April 2019. The article revealed several technical specs, including that the PS5 will be powered by a third-generation AMD Ryzen CPU with eight cores built on 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture and a custom GPU built from AMD’s Radeon Navi technology with support for ray-tracing.

We also know Sony’s next-gen console will support 8K graphics, feature an SSD and that it will be backwards compatible with PlayStation 4 games and Sony’s PlayStation VR.

Next, the tech giant confirmed the PlayStation 5’s very unsurprising name during its keynote at CES in Las Vegas. Even with all these reveals, there’s still a lot of information we don’t know about the console, including what it looks like and pricing.

On the other side of the brewing next-gen console war, Microsoft has released a slow trickle of information about its new video game system, the Xbox Series X. Most recently, Microsoft released a lengthy article outlining the Series X’s impressive array of specs and features and slightly revamped gamepad. Features mentioned in the blog post include the Series X’s “next-generation” SSD storage, Dynamic Latency Input that reduces the “player-to-console pipeline,” HDMI 2.1-powered variable refresh rates, 120fps support and more.

Still, Microsoft has not revealed the Series X’s pricing. It’s likely at this stage in the reveal cycle for both the PS5 and Xbox Series X, both companies are waiting for each other to move first regarding pricing.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 reveal stream will be hosted on the PlayStation Blog. MobileSyrup will have all the new information from Sony’s PlayStation 5 livestream up on our site tomorrow.