Nintendo’s new pink Switch Lite is coming to Canada on April 3rd

Just don't call it pink

Switch Lite pink

Nintendo’s recently unveiled pink Switch Lite is launching in Canada on April 3rd.

The hue, which Nintendo is calling ‘Coral,’ looks to further the rose gold craze from a few years ago.

My favourite Switch light colour is still the ‘Yellow’ version, Coral definitely comes in at a close second. While it’s great Nintendo is adding another Switch Lite colour option to the handheld’s lineup, it’s strange this shade didn’t release when the portable launched back in late September.

Just like the other Switch Lite colour variants, the new pink version of the console costs $259 CAD.

Since getting my hands on the Switch Lite, I haven’t touched the original Switch. It seems that despite appreciating the ability to hook Nintendo’s original Switch up to my television, I just didn’t end up actually using the feature that much.

Switch Lite colours

On a side note, though I really like the Lite, I recently noticed that it’s rear is easily scratchable — just like the original Switch. This led me on a quest to hunt down a way to protect the rear of the Switch Lite. I first tried dbrand’s Switch Lite skin but eventually switched (pun intended) to Hori’s transparent DuraFlexi protector.

Nintendo recently revealed a special edition Animal Crossing Switch, and interestingly enough, the new pink Switch Lite is coming out on the same day as Animal Crossing in Japan.

Source: Nintendo