Rogers to bring high-speed internet network to Norfolk, Ontario

Construction of the project will begin sometime early this year

Rogers has announced that it is bringing its high-speed internet network to residents and businesses in Norfolk County in Ontario.

The carrier is doing so in partnership with the federal and provincial governments and the Southwestern Integrated Fibre Technology (SWIFT) project. SWIFT is a not-for-profit corporation focused on improving connectivity in Southwestern Ontario, Caledon and the Niagara region by 2021

In addition to the $7.6 million CAD joint investment by SWIFT and Rogers, the carrier will also invest $800,000 to cover ineligible project costs.

Rogers will build a fibre optic cable network to connect 71 kilometres of underserved roads to provide service to more than 2,100 homes and businesses. The carrier says these communities currently have limited access to high-speed internet.

“Rogers fibre network offers a range of internet packages including gigabit speeds across its cable footprint and will support increased speeds as technology and services evolve,” the carrier wrote in a statement.

Construction will start in early 2020, and the services will be available in late 2020 as part of a phased process.

Source: Rogers