There’s now a toothbrush that can clean your teeth in 10 seconds

The Y-brush saves time cleaning your teeth so you can scroll through Instagram longer in the morning

If you wanted to point to an item that signifies a new decade, look no further — there’s now a toothbrush that’ll thoroughly clean your teeth in 10 seconds.

The Y-brush, developed by French company FasTeesH, is now shipping out to consumers who pre-ordered the product last year.

The toothbrush works by covering your gums with a flexible mouthpiece, which has nylon bristles inside to scrub in and around your teeth. Simply add toothpaste to the bristles, adjust the vibration settings and bite down on the brush for five seconds. Then, flip the guard around and repeat the process for another five seconds.

There are three settings for the motor, with the company saying that a fully charged battery will last a month.

FasTeesH recommends changing the mouthpiece every six months, which costs $30 USD (approximately $40) a pop. It’s also available in small and medium sizes, the former being for children aged four to 12 and the latter for older users.

The toothbrush originated as a Kickstarter in 2018 and raised almost $165,000 USD (around $214,000 CAD). The Y-brush’s design underwent some adjustments during that time, like with the ignition button and brush motor, to improve the product. FasTeesH is now confident to launch it on the market.

The Y-brush costs $125 USD (approximately $162 CAD) and includes a charging stand, brush, handle, USB charger, toothpaste applicator and a mouthpiece container.

For anyone who needs the extra time in the morning to brush their teeth or if you gotta go fast, the Y-brush aims to improve an area you didn’t think was necessary.

Source: Engadget