Federal officials don’t believe AI and robots will displace Canadian workforce

Officials have been told that 29 percent of jobs held by Canadians are expected to change significantly

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Federal government officials don’t think that artificial intelligence and robots will displace the Canadian workforce, according to new documents obtained by The Canadian Press.

Experts found that the possibility of a scenario where automation takes over half of the jobs held by Canadians has been “overstated.”

Officials were told that 11 percent of jobs are likely going to be automated in the next 15 to 20 years. Further, 29 percent of jobs held by Canadians are expected to change significantly.

The documents say that jobs such as copy editing and data entry will likely be given to low-cost workers overseas though online platforms.

The documents indicate that officials believe that the government needs to address the parts of the economy that are rapidly changing. This includes how online streaming services are changing the economy of movies, TV shows and music.

Federal officials have estimated which sectors and locations will likely be the most impacted by automation. This includes towns that rely on manufacturing.

More specifics have not been released to the public. However, the documents estimate which towns are more or less likely to face the repercussions of automation.

Officials are still unsure of how fast the effects of automation will arrive in Canada.

Source: The Canadian Press (CBC)