GE announces new switches, dimmers to be released soon

The new switches and dimmers have been designed so they can easily be installed in older homes

GE is going to introduce new smart light switches and dimmers to its C by GE collection of connected products line.

The new C by GE Hubless Three-wire Smart Switches and Hubless Dimmers don’t use a neutral wire, which means that they can be installed in more homes that are built before 1980. They also don’t need a hub in order to be connected to the internet or be used with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

The Verge noted that these new switches will be arriving in the first quarter of 2020 and will be priced starting at $39.99 USD (about $51.94 CAD), while the dimmers will arrive in the second quarter and will be priced starting at $49.99 USD (about $64.93).

Most older homes require an additional wire in the junction box so smart lighting can be effectively installed. The wire helps regulate voltage, which is generally needed for dimmers.

The Verge noted that the new three-wire switches will come in three different designs: ‘Button,’ ‘Paddle’ and ‘Toggle.’ It noted that the dimmer will have the functionality of a built-in motion detector if needed. The new switches will be managed by the C by GE app as well.

GE is also going to announce battery-powered “wire-free” switches that can be mounted anywhere in your home.

The Verge said that these particular switches can “communicate with other C by GE lightbulbs and switches over Bluetooth and will last over two years on a coin cell battery.”

The wire-free devices start at $29.99 USD (about $38.95 CAD).

Image credit: GE

Source: The Verge