Facebook ads are spreading false information about an anti-HIV drug

The ads are being run by personal injury law firms


Facebook is running ads on its platforms that contain misinformation about an anti-HIV drug, as reported by The Guardian.

The ads are commissioned by personal injury law firms and make false claims about Truvada, which is a drug that reduces the chances of HIV transmission.

The ads speculate that the drug causes kidney damage and other medical problems. However, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation has said that there is evidence that the risks are “not clinically significant,” and that lawsuits against the drug’s manufacturer are misleading.

GLAAD, an American organization founded by members of the LGBT community, posted an open letter asking the social media giant to remove the ads. The letter has received support from 50 organizations including U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren. The organization is also buying ads on the platform to promote the letter.

Personal injury law firms are likely running the ads to spur lawsuits against the drug’s manufacturer. The ads could cause potential harm by deterring people from using the preventative drug.

The social media giant has not yet responded to criticism regarding the ads. Facebook’s decision to run these ads is contributing to an already present distrust towards the company.

Source: The Guardian, GLAAD