Google is now rolling out Android TV 10

Google is launching a new ADT-3 streaming box for developers

Google is now pushing version 10 of Android TV to manufacturers.

The company previously stated Android TV would launch by the end of the year, and it seems to be fulfilling its promise.

The update includes peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connections, TLC 1.3 support, mandatory disk encryption, Scooped Storage, a Thermal API to manage temperature and more.

The Android Developer blog also mentions that the update features a new ADT-3 streaming box for testing upcoming Android TV software, but that Google will only sell it to developers.

Considering Google no longer supports the Nexus Player, users will have to wait until the update officially makes its way to other manufacturer’s devices.

“When Android TV was first introduced in 2014, we set out to bring the best of Android into the connected home on the TV,” Google wrote in a recent developer blog post.

“We worked closely with the developer community to grow our content and app ecosystem and bring users the content they want. Since then, we’ve seen tremendous momentum with OEM and operator partners as well as consumer adoption worldwide.”

Source: Google