Opera 55 brings advanced dark mode features to the Android browser

The update brings colour temperature controls and forced dark mode on all sites

After rolling out new themes and improved animations to its Android browser, Opera is amping up its dark mode feature.

Opera for Android has long supported dark mode, but version 55 of the browser takes things to the next level with colour temperature control, dark mode for all web pages and more.

Users will now be able to adjust Opera’s colour temperature to reduce blue light emitted from their smart phone’s display. For those unfamiliar with blue light, it’s a type of light commonly emitted from electronic devices. It can disrupt the body’s natural production of melatonin, which helps people fall asleep.

By adjusting the colour temperature of your screen, its possible to adjust the amount of blue light and prevent it from disrupting melatonin production.

Opera colour temperature controls

While certainly a welcome feature, it’s worth noting that Android introduced ‘Night Light’ in version 7.1.1, which allows users to adjust their phone’s colour temperature at a system level. Since its introduction, Google has adjusted the feature, adding a slider to adjust intensity as well as incorporating a scheduling system to automate Night Light. In other words, if you’ve got a modern Android phone, you can probably use Night Light to apply colour temperature adjustments across apps.

However, Opera’s revamped night mode brings other new features as well. The browser can now apply changes to a websites’ CSS code, allowing it to force pages that don’t offer official dark mode support to display in dark mode. It likely works similar to the Dark Reader browser extension that can force all sites into dark mode.

Finally, the browser now offers a keyboard dimmer and a system for automating dark mode. The keyboard dimmer is an overlay that Opera applies to the on-screen keyboard on your device which can reduce its brightness.

As for the automation feature, Opera users can set the browser to turn on dark mode at a specific time, or simply follow the natural day/night rhythm in their region.

Opera is available for free on the Play Store.