Vivaldi launches second beta on Android with new features and bug fixes

The company also says its browser now works with Chromebooks

Vivaldi browser

A few months after the launch of the Vivaldi beta on Android, the Chromium-based browser is getting beta number two.

Set to launch on December 5th, the new beta brings several new features and bug fixes to Vivaldi on Android. Vivaldi wrote in a press release that it had done “a lot of tinkering… in every aspect of the browser so that users can get the most out of their browsing.”

One area the company enhanced its mobile browser is with new enhanced settings. Available in the app’s settings menu, users can turn on extra features like ‘Swipe to close tabs,’ which lets them quickly close a tab by swiping it away. Users can also further customize the Start Page more than before. The browser now supports drag and drop to rearrange Speed Dials, adding or editing Speed Dials with a long-press and more.

Vivaldi also added an ‘Always show desktop site’ option to its mobile browser.

Vivaldi beta 2

On top of that, there’s now an option to delete all deleted bookmarks and notes. Vivaldi treats bookmarks and notes similar to, say, email, which lets you delete an item but recover it from the trash.

Finally, the new beta includes a new search widget that users can add to their home screen. It allows users to quickly search the web using the default search engine in Vivaldi.

Along with the new features, Vivaldi also refreshed the user interface with new icons and toolbars to make the look of the browser more consistent. It also improved the app’s stability with several under-the-hood changes.

Interestingly, the browser now runs on Chromebooks as well. While it’s not clear how well this works, it does theoretically mean that Chromebook owners could opt to use a different browser on Google’s browser-based operating system.

You can learn more about Vivaldi Beta 2 here.