More Fido customers receiving free 5GB data bonuses for two years

Some users claim to have gotten the offer by calling in to the carrier

Earlier this month, Fido began sending texts to some users giving out 5GB of free data for two years.

While certainly a pleasant surprise, at the time only a small number of customers had received the message. It seemed the number of eligible account holders was quite small.

However, it appears the Rogers’ flanker brand is still handing out free data. Someone in Alberta told iPhone in Canada that they had received the 5GB of data for two years as well.

Plus, the original RedFlagDeals page for the deal has blown up and is still active 10 days on from the first post. Plenty of Fido customers have received the message or had success contacting the carrier about the offer.

If you’re with Fido and have not yet received a text with the 5GB of free data offer, it’s probably worth calling in or using the carrier’s Live Chat service to inquire about it. While most RedFlagDeals users report getting the data, many also noted that Fido offered them smaller amounts if they weren’t eligible for the 5GB.

As with all deals of this nature, your mileage may vary.

Rogers subscribers got a similar offer on November 7th, so it seems the company and its flanker brand is in a giving mood this holiday season.

Source: RedFlagDeals Via: iPhone in Canada