Apple has a new strategy to prevent another buggy launch like iOS 13

The new development strategy aims to catch bugs before the software update reaches customers


Apple is changing the way it tests new versions of iOS and iPadOS to prevent another buggy debut like the launch of iOS 13 in September.

The tech giant is working on a way to ensure that test versions of upcoming software updates disable incomplete or buggy features by default, according to a recent report from Bloomberg.

The software testers will then be able to use a new settings menu called ‘Flags,’ which allows them to isolate the effect of each new addition to the system. This would allow Apple to identify when a recently added feature or line of code isn’t functioning, and then be able to issue a fix for the problem before it reaches customers.

It’s not surprising that Apple is changing that way it tests its software updates considering how the launch of iOS 13 was a bug-filled mess. Apps were launching slowly or crashing altogether, and there were issues with the Messages and Mail apps.

There was also a bug that would allow third-party keyboards to gain full access permission, allowing them to communicate with other apps and capture keystroke data.

Bloomberg reports that the new software strategy will be used for all of Apple’s platforms including watchOS, macOS and tvOS.

Apple is in the process of developing iOS 14 and is debating if it should push some of the features to iOS 15 to allow for more time in development.

Source: Bloomberg