Uber reports increase in requests for user data from Canadian authorities

Canadian authorities filed 161 requests for data on users in 2018

Uber says the number of demands from Canadian authorities requesting riders’ data and information significantly increased last year.

The ride-hailing company says the number of requests from law enforcement for user data in 2018 increased by 27 percent.

Uber says that the spike in requests could be due to its business growing in size but could also be because of a rise in interest from authorities wanting to access data on riders.

The company says that Canadian authorities filed 161 requests for data on 593 user accounts in 2018. The information consists of pickup and drop-off locations and other data that can identify users.

Additionally, Uber says it provided ride information on 1.8 million users to Canadian regulators, which includes local taxi and transportation authorities. It says it is mandated to provide the information to regulators due to specific requirements that it is subject to.

The ride-hailing service says that the rise in demands for user data is challenging for the company.

Uber isn’t the only company that has had to turn over user data to authorities as Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter have all reported a rise in government requests.

Source: TechCrunch