Another possible PlayStation 5 patent leaks, details storage cartridge

These new cartridges aren't like the PlayStation 2 memory cards

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More details about Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 has appeared. Following a leaked patent detailing the next DualShock controller, a new patent shows off a possible expandable storage solution.

According to LetsGoDigital, a patent filed with the Japan Patent Office (JPO) on December 28th, 2018, received approval on August 5th, 2019. That patent shows off a 12-pin storage cartridge. It’s similar to one Sony applied for earlier in Brazil. However, the patent from the JPO contains more detail.

Specifically, the new patent focuses on the connector and also includes an image of the inside of the cartridge. It shows a chip with eight connection points. Further, the patent contains a brief description:

“This is a recording medium which can record various data, such as a character, an image, an animation, a sound and a program. By loading the opening provided by the game console with the tip end part by which a plurality of pins of this cartridge were provided, the various data recorded on this cartridge can be read.”

Ultimately, the description confirms that Sony designed these cartridges for use with a game console, likely the upcoming PlayStation 5. LetsGoDigital suggests that since the cartridge will be able to both read and store data, and since the PlayStation 5 is expected to use an SSD, the cartridges will likely also be an SSD. In other words, these cartridges aren’t like the old memory cards available with the PlayStation 2. Instead, they’re more like expandable storage so customers can increase the storage space on their console.

If that’s the case, it’s a smart move on Sony’s part. By offering expandable storage options, it can reduce the starting storage and cost of the base model PlayStation 5, potentially making it more affordable and competitive. It’s not currently clear what capacity the cartridges will come in, but LetsGoDigital suggests there will be 1TB, 2TB 3TB options.

Of course, the patent doesn’t mean Sony will actually make these storage cartridges. Companies often patent a variety of things that don’t get made.

We’ll likely learn more about the PlayStation 5 ahead of its expected launch in time for the 2020 holiday shopping season.

Image credit: LetsGoDigital 

Source: LetsGoDigital