YouTube desktop, tablet redesign makes thumbnails bigger with higher resolution previews

YouTube is rolling out skippable ad breaks

YouTube has introduced a new homepage redesign for desktop and tablets that is rolling out starting today.

The Google-owned company will increase the size of video titles and thumbnails to give users more precise information about a video. Video previews also now have a higher resolution.

Further, channel icons are below each of the videos, and YouTube will remove some content shelves to make the homepage look cleaner.

On tablet and desktop, you’ll be able to easily add new videos to queues with just one click or tap.

Catching up to mobile, on desktop and tablet you’re now able to select ‘Don’t recommend channel,’ which prevents the channel’s content from showing up on your YouTube unless you specifically look for it.

Another feature coming to the YouTube desktop is the ability to select your favourite topics with the ability to customize the Home feed with related videos. However, the feature will come out after the redesign.

Source: YouTube Blog