Samsung teases new vertically-folding Galaxy Fold smartphone

The teased device folds like a flip phone instead of like a book

Galaxy Fold vertical

At its 2019 Samsung Developer Conference in San Jose, California, South Korean electronics giant Samsung teased a new version of the Galaxy Fold.

“From the Galaxy Fold to an innovative new form factor,” the teaser video says, showing off a vertically-folding version of Samsung’s popular folding device.

The video shows a Galaxy Fold, which bends horizontally (like a book) transforming into a longer, vertical display. Then, it folds in half like a flip phone.

Interestingly, a similar teaser posted on Samsung’s Korean YouTube page goes a bit further, showing the Galaxy Fold and the new device side by side. It also shows the new device folding to 90 degrees while recording a video, suggesting you could use the folding capability to stand the device up while recording something.

Finally, the longer video reveals that the new Galaxy Fold device will sport a front-facing hole-punch camera.

It’s not clear what else the new Galaxy Fold device offers.

On top of that, there’s a good chance we won’t see the device in Canada. Samsung’s current Galaxy Fold didn’t come to Canada.

Hopefully, Samsung figured out how to improve its folding display technology for this new device so it doesn’t suffer the same issues as its predecessor.

Source: Twitter, YouTube