NordVPN outlines security plan following recent data breach

One of NordVPN's servers in Finland was recently accessed without authorization


NordVPN, a private network provider that recently disclosed that it faced a data breach, has announced a number of measures that it will take to become secure.

The data breach occurred in March 2018 after a hacker gained access to NordVPN’s server.

It says that it has now partnered with VerSprite, a cybersecurity consulting firm to prevent another breach from occurring. It will also introduce a ‘bug bounty program’ that rewards cybersecurity experts for catching vulnerabilities.

The network provider says it will also complete a full-scale third-party security audit in 2020. Further, it will ensure that its data centres have a high level of security.

Lastly, NordVPN says it will upgrade all of its 5100 servers to RAM servers so that nothing is stored locally.

Source: NordVPN