Facebook researchers create AI system to trick facial recognition

The social media giant doesn't plan to implement the system on its platforms anytime soon

Facebook app on Android

Researchers at Facebook have found a way for people to avoid facial recognition by developing a system that is able to ‘de-identify’ faces.

The system uses artificial intelligence to slightly distort a person’s face in real time, such as in live videos. It is able to confuse facial recognition systems by keeping a natural look and doesn’t look fake or doctored.

Although this kind of technology already exists, this new system is unique because it can be applied to videos. The researchers say that the de-identification technology doesn’t need to be retained for each application.

Facebook says that the new technology could help to fight against privacy issues, such as deepfakes.

“Recent world events concerning the advances in, and abuse of face recognition technology invoke the need to understand methods that successfully deal with de-identification,” a paper detailing the system explains. 

A spokesperson from Facebook told VentureBeat that this feature will not be coming to Facebook anytime soon.

This isn’t the only way that Facebook is working to address privacy issues. The social media giant is working with Amazon and Microsoft for the DeepFake Detection challenge, which aims to create tools to detect deepfake content.

Source: Facebook Research, VentureBeat