Facebook removes political ad meant to test its misinformation policies

The stunt followed Facebook's decision to not remove political ads placed by politicians

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Facebook’s policy on political ads was tested after it removed an ad that included false information, which was placed by a political group.

The ad was a ‘stunt’ from a Political Action Committee group called The Really Online Lefty League.

The group aimed to test Facebook’s political ad policies by putting up a fake ad. The ad falsely claimed that U.S. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham supported the Green New Deal, which is meant to address climate change and economic inequality.

By removing the ad, the social media giant proved that it will fact-check ads from political groups, but not ads from politicians, according to Reuters. 

Facebook has recently been under fire for deciding to not fact-check ads run by politicians.

The platform’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg defended this decision last week, stating that Facebook did not want to impede on political speech.

Source: Reuters