Wendy’s will offer free Frosties with Skip the Dishes orders throughout August

Those who love Wendy’s Frosties and enjoy food delivery service are in for a great late summer.

From August 1st to 31st, Wendy’s will throw in a complementary small Frosty for each order that came from food-delivery network SkipTheDishes.

That said, having free Frosties would naturally lead back to the fierce debate of whether people should dip dries in it. However, let’s set differences aside and take a look at some intriguing data from SkipTheDishes.

Since February 2019, Canadians ordered more than 385,000 Frosties through the Skip network, a platform that had more than 350,000 users in 2016. A simple conversion shows that was roughly more than one Frosty per user.

Moving down to provincial level. Skip says Alberta bought 75,000 Frosties, with Edmonton covering more than 17,000 Chocolate Frosties in 2019 alone. While the platform didn’t reveal if those orders had fries, wrapping potatoes with chocolate-flavoured dairy dessert is probably an acquired taste.

In contrast, Calgary displayed a strong affection for Wendy’s Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers: it ordered nearly 45,000 of them in 2019, which translates to more than 200 per day.

Nevertheless, Ontarians proved that they are the biggest fans of Frosties across the entire nation. With nearly 200,000 orders under the belt, they left everyone else in the dust.

In comparison, British Columbia slightly edged out Alberta and achieved the runner-up status with only 76,000 orders.

However, it seems that not every Ontarian is a fan of dipping. The biggest Wendy’s order in the Greater Toronto Area came with 30 fries and no Frosty.

To use SkipTheDishes, download the app at Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS.