Samsung Galaxy Note 10 leak reveals more information about new S Pen stylus

Note 10

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s official reveal just around the corner, leaks regarding the upcoming device are beginning to appear at a brisk pace.

Most of the new information stemming from Greece-based website Techmaniacs backs up past rumours, including the fact that two devices are on the way, the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+.

However, the most interesting information to come from this leak is that the Note 10’s S Pen will reportedly allow users to navigate websites by hovering the S Pen over the phone.

The leak also mentions that a similar gesture will be used to scroll through Samsung’s photo app. Finally, and this is probably the most amusing rumoured update to the stylus, is that the S Pen will reportedly make marker-like noises when taking notes.

The Galaxy Note 10’s 6.3-inch display features a Full HD+ resolution along with with a 3,500mAh battery and a weight of 168g, according to the leak. On the other hand, the 6.75-inch Note 10+ features a QHD+ display resolution and a 4,300mAh battery, which is slightly larger than the Note 9’s 4,000mAH battery. The phone also weighs 198g, according to the leak.

Other new information from leak includes that the phone will support 45w fast charging as long as users purchase a faster charger for the device. Earlier rumours indicated that the Note 10 will support 25w fast charging out of the box.

The rumours also discuss a feature that allows the phone to zoom into audio in a particular area when recording video. While it’s still very unclear, it looks like this functionality will reduce the background noise and amplify a specific sound when shooting video with the phone. LG included a similar feature in 2013’s Lg G2 called Audio Zoom.

It’s worth noting that all of this new information surrounding the Note 10 stems from a relatively unknown source. As a result, approach all of the above details with a heavy dose of skepticism.

Other recent Note 10 and Note 10+ leaks indicate that both phones will feature three rear-facing cameras, with the larger device also including a Time-of-Flight camera sensor. The front shooter on both devices is a cyclops-like hole-punch shooter located in the center of the smartphones. Finally, it’s also rumoured that Samsung will ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack with the Note 10 for the first time with one of its flagship devices.

Source: Techmaniacs Via: Sammobile