Leaked Android Q build includes improved gesture navigation

Android Q is going to make opening overflow menus possible again

Android Q will likely see two more beta builds before a public launch later this year, but one of those future builds has leaked with more changes to gesture navigation.

According to 9to5Google, a Pixel 3 XL user received a Q update earlier this week with build number QP1A.190626.001. Oddly, the unreleased build was also running the August security patch.

The build number suggests the user received an internal Q beta, as it doesn’t follow the typical number sequence which starts with ‘QPP’ followed by the number of the current preview (the most recent being QPP4 at time of writing). Plus, the next preview should come with the July security patch, not the August patch, further suggesting this is an internal testing build.

One of the most significant changes spotted in the unreleased build has to do with the new navigation gestures Google is working on. For one, the build includes a new adjustment slider for the sensitivity of the back gesture. This slider isn’t available in QPP4.

Presumably, adjusting the sensitivity will affect the new back gesture, which requires users swipe in from either edge of the display. It offers four increments of sensitivity ranging from ‘Low’ to ‘High.’ The Settings menu notes that a higher sensitivity “may conflict with any app gestures along the edges of the screen.”

The owner of the Pixel 3 XL with the unreleased software told 9to5Google that the gestures feel significantly improved over those in QPP4.

The internal build could potentially become Android Q Beta 5, which is rumoured to have significant improvements to the gesture system. Beta 5 should arrive sometime this summer.

Source: 9to5Google