Android Q Beta 5 to bring new gesture that works with app’s hamburger menu

Google has listened to your complaints. Android Q Beta 5 will bring improved gesture control that works better with the navigation drawer of the hamburger menu. 

In a tweet, Googler Chris Banes demonstrated a new drawer behaviour. Starting with Android Q Beta 5, users can now peek the drawer (hold the finger at the left edge of the screen) and then swipe into the hamburger menu — all without accidentally triggering the back gesture. 

The nuisance first started in Android Q Beta 3 when Google scrapped the pill-based system and switched to a full gesture system that operates more like the one on the iOS and Huawei EMUI 9. 

Instead of using a back button, the new control scheme relies entirely on swiping from the left of the screen to go back. However, it more or less overlaps with the legacy gesture that summons the hamburger menu, causing inconsistent interactions that have annoyed many users.

According to the official development roadmap, Android Q Beta 5 should arrive during summer with Android Beta 6 behind it. The final release of Android Q should come sometime in Q3 2019.

Source: Chris Baynes Via: 9t05Google