Gatorade launches Dr. Seuss-inspired AR Snapchat lens

Dr. Seuss Snapchat

Gatorade has launched its first-ever augmented reality Snapchat lens that draws inspiration from famous soccer players and Dr. Seuss.

Specifically, the “Every Day Is Your Day” lens is based on renowned soccer duo Mia Hamm and Mallory Pugh’s short of the same name. The lens also features a special tie-in from Dr. Seuss’ Oh, the Places You’ll Go! book.

The lens gives users a chance to explore what’s shown in the film — that is, an exploration of the positive effects of sports on young women. The lens brings up an interactive world that’s inspired by both the film and the Dr. Seuss book. Users can tap the virtual soccer ball and play through three scenes from the short. Meanwhile, the lens will feature a play button for users to jump right into the short.

The Gatorade Snapchat lens will be available until Sunday, July 7th.

Via: 9to5Mac