YouTube to close its sole permanent Canadian creator studio in Toronto

YouTube is rolling out skippable ad breaks

YouTube has said it is closing the platform’s only permanent Canadian creator space this year, saying that it is updating its strategies.

The media giant has said it will replace the studio with a “pop-up” strategy that will have locations temporarily appear in different parts of the country.

The platform says these changes will help its production assets be available to Canadian YouTubers who wouldn’t have access to the resources otherwise.

Google announced the opening of the YouTube creator space back in 2016, saying it would give “creators the ability connect with fellow YouTubers in a collaborative setting and use the latest film equipment to create more ambitious and innovative video content.”

The 3,500-square-foot studio allowed local YouTube creators to use the studio to collaborate with other creators and shoot videos. YouTube also used the studio to facilitate workshops and other related events.

This news comes after a recent report from Ryerson’s Faculty of Communication and Design found that 70 percent of Canadian YouTube users say that platform is their go-to place for learning.

The report also found that there are currently 160,000 Canadian content creators on YouTube, which has led to the formation of nearly 28,000 full-time equivalent jobs.

Source: Financial Post