Here are the coolest Oxygen OS 9.5 features

Some of these features can be enabled through third-party apps but it's cool to see OnePlus bake them into its OS

Alongside the launch of the OnePlus 7 Pro the China-based smartphone company also showed off some improvements coming to Oxygen OS.

Zen Mode

One of the handiest new features is called ‘Zen mode.’ This mode is a new take on the traditional Do Not Disturb feature, but instead of just hiding your notifications it takes things a step further by letting you lock your phone so you can’t use it for 20 minutes. When Zen mode is in use you can only access the camera and incoming calls. You’re also able to make emergency calls.

Fnatic Mode

The company is also adding to its already fantastic ‘Gaming mode’ with ‘Fnatic mode’ which includes some new features. When you enable the mode the phone optimizes almost all of its hardware features like RAM, CPU, wireless connection along with a few other things to make sure games run as smoothly as possible.

All the normal Gaming mode features like answering calls via the speaker and only displaying notifications as text only so they take up less of the screen.

Screen recorder

This time around the company has added in a screen recorder to make capturing what you’re doing a lot easier. Some other phones like Huawei and Samsung devices also have this feature and it’s super handy when you need to send some quick tech support to a friend or if you want to record a mobile gaming session. The OnePlus screen recorder records both onscreen sounds and room noises.

Screen shot editor

Lastly, Oxygen OS has added in a few more editing tools to the screenshot interface. You can now blur things out, crop and more directly from the preview interface, according to Android Central.

Having these additions on top of whatever new tweaks come along with the Android Q-based Oxygen OS means that OnePlus’ Android skin is likely to stay as one of the best versions of Android for another year.

You can find out more about Oxygen OS on OnePlus’ website. 

Via: Android Central