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Spotify launches Soundtrap for Storytellers, a new podcast creation studio

This app is the Google Docs of podcast creation

If you’re aiming to start making podcasts, then look no further than a new app from Spotify called Soundtrap for Storytellers. 

Soundtrap transcribes your text as it’s recorded to make the editing process a lot smoother. How smooth you ask? Well, with Soundtrap you can cut words from the transcribed section of the podcast and the app automatically cuts the audio to match.

“The platform itself was built around solving some of the biggest pain points for podcasters — editing, transcribing, remote interviewing and adding sound effects – and providing one, streamlined platform that contains every part of the podcast creation process,” said Per Emanuelsson the co-Founder of Soundtrap in a press release.

You can even collaborate remotely with this new version of Soundtrap. The press release says that “the platform is cloud-based and allows multiple people to talk, record (on separate tracks) and work on the same podcast by sending a link to join the session remotely.” This makes it kind of the like the Google Docs of podcast creation.

When you’re done editing the podcast, you can publish it directly to Spotify or download it and share it whenever you want.

Soundtrap for Storytellers is available now and costs either $19 CAD per month or $180 per year.

Source: Spotify, Soundtrap