Samsung close to deciding on new Galaxy Fold launch date

Galaxy Fold

Samsung mobile chief Dong-jin Koh says his company is close to making a decision on a new launch date for the Galaxy Fold.

In an interview with the Korea Herald, Koh said, “[Samsung] has reviewed the defect caused from substances [that entered the device], and we will reach a conclusion [about the launch] today or tomorrow.”

Asked about whether Samsung will launch the Galaxy Fold in the U.S. before the end of May, Koh replied, “We will not be too late.” On Tuesday, Samsung emailed consumers in the U.S. to secure their Galaxy Fold pre-order.

Reiterating what Samsung executives said during the company’s recent Q1 earnings call, a spokesperson for the company told Engadget Samsung will announce a new launch date “in the coming weeks.”

Samsung also detailed how it plans to improve the Fold’s durability. The company says it will further reinforce the device’s hinge, as well as reduce the gap between the bezel and protective film. Both measures are designed to prevent foreign matter from making its way under the display.

Update: It seems the quote was misdirected as Samsung is now stating the fate of the Fold release date will be revealed in the coming ‘weeks’ and not days as previously reported. According to CNBC, “A Samsung spokesperson told CNBC that the company will announce a new release date in the ‘coming weeks,’ however, suggesting Samsung’s decision won’t be made immediately public.”

Source: Korea Herald Via: Engadget