Tesla makes base Model 3 difficult to recommend in Canada

Tesla is really pushing people to buy the Standard Range Plus Model 3 trim

Tesla Model 3 red and grey

Tesla lowered the cost of the base Model 3 earlier this week to make the vehicle qualify for the $5,000 CAD federal EV buying incentive, which in turn included the higher-end Model 3, the Standard Range Plus.

We reported earlier this week that Tesla would unlock the range on the Standard Range Model 3 if drivers paid the full difference in price between the two vehicles at any time after purchase. Now, Tesla is no longer offering that option. This means that if you buy the low-cost off-menu Standard Range Model 3, its range will be stuck at 150km forever.

It was never very hidden that Tesla lowered the cost of the Standard Range Model 3 to $44,999 CAD to make the more expensive $55,010 Standard Range Plus included in the rebate.

Either way, be warned that the Standard Range Model 3 with only 150Km of range can’t be upgraded with a longer range in the future.