Freedom Mobile is holding a $0 phone sale for select devices

These phones will cost you nothing unless you need to leave your plan early

Freedom Mobile is holding a sale on a few phones like the Moto G6 Play, the Samsung Galaxy A8 and more.

Freedom offers a lot of devices for $0 upfront, but the difference in this sale is that users don’t have to pay an extra fee on top of their monthly plan cost. This makes these phones actually cost $0 if you stick with the carrier for two years.

The handsets included in the deal are all marked with an orange tab, and you can browse them here. 

The only difference between what phone you pick is what plan Freedom requires you to include with it.

The handsets that are included in the deal are:

Even though the fine print says a minimum of $25 to $50, when you click on the device the cheapest plan that Freedom offers will be $5 more than that. This is because if you sign up for a plan with the carrier and you set up pre-authorized payments, then you’ll get a $5 discount per pay period.

If you decide to leave Freedom or move to a lower-cost plan before your two-year contract is up, then you’ll have to pay out the full cost of the device.

MobileSyrup has reached out to Freedom to find out when this deal ends.

Source: Freedom