Public Mobile rolls out pedal-powered smartphone charging kiosks

During an interview in February with David Maclean, head of Public Mobile, the executive stated that the sub-brand of Telus would expand its distribution by rolling out new kiosks.

Those kiosks are now launched, the first set can be found at Galeries D’Anjou (Montreal, Quebec), Edmonton City Centre (Edmonton, Alberta) and Marlborough Mall (Calgary, Alberta) — with Richmond Centre in Richmond, British Columbia scheduled to open on April 18th.

The kiosks are designed like a hot dog or ice cream cart with a bike attached to it.

MacLean told MobileSyrup at the time that the kiosks will complement the company’s strong online presence.

Public Mobile began selling wireless services in 2010, starting out in physical locations, but in 2014 the company decided to go fully online and build out its prepaid wireless service by offering low rates.

In 2017, the company began offering SIM cards at retail stores like Wow! Mobile kiosks, Walmart Canada, London Drugs and Koodo Authorized dealers.

But now the move to create physical kiosks, MacLean said, is a way to support the company’s efforts to bring its service to more Canadians. He added that 80 percent of sales were happening in traditional kiosk retail environments.

He said: “What kiosks are enabling us to do is getting to places where we don’t have a presence… And so I think that it is complementary, an extension to what we are doing with retailers and furthermore what we are doing with [the online] community.”

public mobile

Public says that its kiosks are part of its ‘no-frills approach’ and ‘take up a lot less space than others.’

As for the addition of the bike, Public has thought of current smartphone owners who might need a charge allow you to charge your phone by peddling on the bike.