Anonymous person wants to host real-life battle royale on a private island

There's a £100,000 ($173,824 CAD) prize and you don't have to murder anyone to get it

Real-life battle royale

Battle royale games are all the rage. I’m a fan of Apex Legends myself, and Fortnite is so popular, people bombard MobileSyrup managing editor Patrick O’Rourke with requests for skins.

But do you like battle royales enough to participate in a real one? Well, an anonymous and wealthy individual wants to host one on a private island — a real-life, 100-person battle royale, sans murder.

The individual has requested on ‘Hush Hush,’ which claims to be the “world’s leading luxury shopping marketplace, for a ‘game maker’ to help organize the three-day event.

The Hush Hush post notes it will equip participants with airsoft guns, touch-sensitive body armour. The last person standing will win a £100,000 (about $173,824 CAD) prize.

Further, the wealthy individual plans to acquire a private island to host the competition, which will run for three days. Each day will last 12 hours, and players can camp at night, and the host will provide all the camping gear and food to players.

As insane as this sounds, the idea is still only a concept for now. To become a reality, it needs a game maker to design the arena, and that also has experience in managing large-scale events.

The project pays £1,500 daily and has an expected duration of six weeks, so the contract will pay out £45,000 (about $78,220 CAD).

If that sounds like something you’d want to participate in, you can apply to be the game maker at Hush Hush. If and when the real-life battle royale becomes a reality, you’ll likely have to apply to participate.

Alternatively, you can just play Apex or Fortnite.

Image credit: Hush Hush

Source: Hush Hush Via: IGN