Childish Gambino and Google team up for ‘Night Sight’ event at Coachella

There isn't much information out yet, but it's likely this event will look very cool

In another partnership with Google, Childish Gambino will highlight the Pixel 3’s ‘Night Sight’ camera software at his Coachella set.

The music festival describes the set as an “immersive experience combining music, art, and technology in unexpected ways,” in its event description

The installation has been named ‘Brighter in the Dark, and it’s custom built to allow the Pixel 3’s Night Sight to take “jaw-dropping photos in the dark,” so it will probably look pretty cool once it’s done.

Gambino partnered with Google for a pack ofPlaymoji’ that features the multi-talented artist dancing in augmented reality.

Source: Coachella Via: Engadget