New Freedom Mobile ad takes shot at Big Three, boasts ‘millions’ have switched

The ad says customers are frustrated over skyrocketing data costs

Shaw-owned regional carrier Freedom Mobile launched a cheeky new ad that takes a shot at the Big Three.

The ad opens on a shot of a large, foreboding tower with a sign on the front that reads ‘Monolithic Wireless.’ Inside the tower, several executives laugh maniacally while discussing plans to increase data costs.

Canadian-born actor — and Freedom’s official spokesperson — Will Arnett joins in on the laughter, before scolding the executives, telling them soaring prices are why their customers are upset.

“What are they going to do, leave?” quips one of the suits.

Arnett goes on to say that customers are already leaving and going to Freedom to take advantage of offers like its $50 10GB plan.

Further, Arnett says it’s “time to join the millions who’ve switched to Freedom.”

While certainly a funny ad, the accuracy of Arnett’s statement is debatable.

In Q1 2019, Shaw’s earnings report boasted a total subscribership just shy of 1.5 million customers. That number may have gone up over the last quarter, and we should learn more at Shaw’s Q2 earnings announcement expected on April 9th.