Tesla hacker finds more voice controls in latest update

Tesla owners can now use voice controls to initiate Sentry Mode

Tesla’s latest update adds Sentry Mode voice controls to the vehicles’ operating system

The new controls that work already, according to Electrek are “enable Sentry Mode,” “disable Sentry Mode,” “keep Tesla safe” and “turn Sentry on/off”.

These controls may not be in every Tesla yet. It took a while for all Tesla’s to get the Sentry Mode update, so this could roll out similarly.

Tesla hacker ‘verygreen’ has discovered a plethora of other partial commands:

  • car.glovebox
  • car.mirror.set
  • car.steering_column
  • car.wipers.on/off
  • car.wipers.increase/decrease
  • car.hvac.on/warmer/colder/off
  • car.hvac fan.more/less/absolute
  • car.hvac.intake.fresh/recirc/biohazard
  • car seat_heater.on/off/up/down

While Tesla seems to be loading up its vehicles with simple commands to control things like seat warmers, windshield wipers and more.

While this is still a far cry from the advanced AI that Tesla has teased in the past it could be the first steps towards a more advanced Google Assistant or Alexa-like system that works with Tesla vehicles.

Source: Electrek