Tesla to increase its Model 3, S and X prices as it keeps more stores open

Price will increase by three percent but will not affect the $47,600 Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 red and grey

Tesla will be increasing its vehicles’ prices by three percent, just a couple of weeks after reducing the cost of the Model 3, S and X.

This change will keep more stores open than it originally planned, along with reopening a few more stores in high profile locations, as Tesla makes the transition to an online-only sales model.

When asked if these changes will affect Canadian retailers, Tesla responded in an email stating it doesn’t “have anything further to add.”

Tesla stated that this price increase will not affect the base prices of the Model 3, which costs $47,600. Rather, it will affect the more expensive Model 3, S and X.

Consumers can still buy the affected Tesla vehicles, as the prices will only start to go up on March 18th.

Tesla also clarified how its stores will work for its new online-only sales model

Potential buyers will be shown how to place orders on their phones and some stores will carry a few vehicles that are available for purchase right away. Test drives will also still be offered.

On March 14th, Tesla will reveal its Model Y, the company’s entry to the SUV market.

Source: Tesla