Tesla drops Canadian Model S and X prices alongside Model 3 price cut

Even Tesla's high-tier vehicles got a price reduction

Tesla finally hit its long-term goal of selling the base trim option of the Model 3 for $35,000 USD ($47,900 CAD). In addition to that, it’s also lowered the Model S and X prices by about six percent according to Tesla’s press release.

The Model X now starts at $125,100 CAD and has 475km range. The Ludicrous Performance model costs $167,300 and has a 465km range, but it can do zero to 100km in three seconds. The base model can do that in 4.9 seconds.

Tesla’s Standard Range Model S starts at $105,300 with 435km of range. The Long Range trim costs $110,700 and can drive for 539km. If you want Ludicrous Performance, it costs $132,000, but it can operate for 507km and do zero to 100km in 2.6 seconds.

Previously, Tesla priced the base Model X at $127,700, and the Model S was at $124,600. These prices came into effect when the EV company removed the 75D options from its site. 

Tesla also altered the ‘Autopilot’ pricing structure for the Model S and X as well. It now costs $4,000 to get the Autopilot and $6,600 for the ‘Full Self-Driving’ tier. The company has also restructured what features come with each tier of the feature. Features like ‘Summon’ and ‘Auto-Park’ have are now a part of the ‘Full Self-Driving’ tier.

Source: Tesla